Black female artist transitions from handcrafted wearable art to the digital age of fashion design marketing

I am Pat Sutton. I am a freelance Artist/ Designer, currently based out of New Jersey, USA. I have been an artist all my life, and I have been developing and evolving over the years finding my niche in graphic abstract design and pattern work.
Immediately out of college I started a very successful t-shirt business of hand-crafted and hand-painted ornate African Art and designs for 11 years. My shirts were exclusively sold at curated boutiques and juried art shows. Later, I met an art agent who encouraged me to begin designing dinnerware patterns, as she delighted in being able to bring a black female artist’s perspective to her sphere of clientele. I then went on to freelance and create design patterns for the topmost brands of the dinnerware industry here in the US and abroad such as, Waterford Wedgwood, Lenox, Noritake, Royal Porcelain of Thailand, Corelle, Lifetime Brands and TTU.
After 2014, I decided to switch my design focus to include patterns suitable for fashion and accessories.
Now today, Pat Sutton Designs is a collection of freshly innovated design and pattern artwork, rooted in my love and influences of Caribbean and African art, which permeates throughout my collection, by my use of contrast colors and unmistakably ethnic art motifs.
Dare to make a statement, Dare to be Different!
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