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In 1997 with plans to start a family underway, I packed up my 11 year successful hand painted T-shirt business, and I gave full consideration to my next creative outlet. Aware of the void in the market for Afrocentric home decor, I began to freelance and designed my brand of dinnerware patterns for the prominent brands Waterford Wedgwood, Lenox, Noritake, Royal Porcelain of Thailand and many more. In 3 years I would sell my designs and set the standard for what was new and fresh in this specified niche market. At the end of 2014, the home decor industry slowed and I once again had to seek another venue for my creative. I had a computer full of designs that I had continued to work on, as I usually did waiting for the call from the production director to see what was next in my collection of plate designs from the various TableTop Companies. Someone anonymously slipped me a card that said " start your own online store with Shopify." And suddenly a light bulb was illuminated to show me the way to my next artistic venture!
I began Pat Sutton Designs, a one-of-a-kind apparel and accessories online store for men and women, with designs and patterns that are curiously, always on trend. This collection of carefully curated designs are inspired by the cool vibes and captivating colors of the Caribbean and African Tribal Art. My amazing ability to create these unique art patterns, which play with dynamic color and bold geometric shapes, gives my clothing an Art an edge. You won't find another designer like me who can bring you such unique pieces. Elevate or discover your style here!
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