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The Mission: Unite hearts and minds, through Art and Design...

Pat Sutton Designs invites you on a cross cultural journey of diversity through the creative patterns that you will see throughout this Collection of work. Experience a mix of the cool vibes and colors of the Caribbean, together with a veritable influence of African Tribal Art. The unique artistic flair of these designs, serve to elevate the look and feel of your casual apparel, footwear, and personal accessories, with a renewed sense of trending style... do you DARE TO BE DIFFERENT™

All pieces from the Pat Sutton Collection, have been designed and curated by Pat Sutton Designs, a freelance art & design studio. The studio is capable of creating compelling designs, largely inspired for new and upcoming musical artists, like the artist we feature every month. All concepts and proposed designs will deliver results, for branded merchandise and promotional products that will become coveted items for your targeted audience.


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New Jersey, USA


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