Chuck Sutton T-Shirts

Chuck Sutton is an electronic music producer whose career and prominence in the music industry has been on a cosmic rise!

With profound popularity of his first EP titled “I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING”, he turned thoughts to merchandising. What blossomed was his unique idea of mixing music and fashion and making it reality. He selected nine bold distinct patterns of abstract art, and bold concepts, of which spoke truth to each of his song titles for these creative t-shirts. After he was granted a creative stamp of approval by Spotify, they created the respective song scan codes, so that a label could be created, and added to each wearable art tee. The result... Each scan code was now the unique code to a specific song title of his debut album.

The scan code label image was prominently placed on the back of each t-shirt. For the wearer, the unique artwork and the song that they liked from the album, was now on display and accessible via smartphone device. Once you scan the Spotify code on the back of the t-shirt with your smart device, now you too would be plugged in to that specific song - thus allowing the customer, their community and onlookers to scan the experience -- A simple artful t-shirt, has now become more than meets the eye. Now you are able to share in the musical experience as you listen, like, subscribe, follow and support this up and coming musical artist.

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